POTW: Crow Pose

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POTW: Crow Pose.

Intro: Crow Pose just may be my favorite pose. It is an excellent exercise for upper body endurance, core strength, hip flexibility, and can also serve as the basis for a number of poses that test your upper body strength, core, and balance, such as handstand or one-legged crow. The easiest way to move into crow is to start in a squat position a few inches from the ground, with your feet mat-width distance apart on your mat, with toes facing out at about a 45 degree angle, and heels pointing in toward your butt. Hands lower to the ground. Fingers are spread wide, and pointed forward. Bring your knees on top of your triceps, using your upper arms as a shelf, and slowly transition the weight of your body from your feet to your hands. Squeeze your core in and try and bring your knees as close to your armpits as possible. To relieve still more pressure from your arms, you can squeeze your legs into your arms. You should be looking at a spot on the ground about 3 feet in front of you. Hold for as long as you can! (10 seconds is a good start).

Tips: Make sure you’re not putting all the weight in your arms. Straighten your arms to shift the pressure from your pushing muscles in your arms and torso your core and leg strength. Don’t worry, your arms are still in for a treat, even with a lot of the pressure in other places.

Modification: If you can’t bring your legs off the ground to balance on your arms, don’t worry! Crow is a very hard pose. It takes a lot of upper body strength and a ton of core strength. You can build up to it with modifications. Instead of bringing both feet off the ground, try just bringing one foot of the ground at a time.

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