Pre-Travel Stretches for Air Travel

Pre-Travel Stretches for Air Travel

Dean's Pre-travel Stretches For Air Travel

This is my exact routine I do before I get on a plane. Give it a shot!

I get this question a lot: “What are some stretches I can do BEFORE getting on a plane?” If you’re going to be sitting on a plane for Several hours, you’re gonna want to do some movement beforehand. Otherwise your butt’s going to start hurting, and your lower back is going to get stiff. Once you’re on board you are very limited in what you can do.

When you think about stretches and the exercises before you get on a plane, you want to do the exact opposite of what your be doing while you’re sitting. You’ll be in a position where the hips are really tight, your back will probably be rounding forward with your shoulders caving in.

Let’s open up the chest with some back bends, prep the hips with hip flexor stretching and do a few twists to get the glutes moving. You might get a few odd looks in the terminal, but you’ll feel a lot better on the plane!

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