The Breath Series 28-Day Challenge

The Breath Series 28-Day Challenge

The Breath Series 28-Day Challenge is all about the power of your BREATH. The workouts are full-body, addressing strength, flexibility, and balance, but the big focus of these workouts is your breathing; how it affects your body awareness, your ability to work deeper into the poses, and to hold yourself in the poses for longer.

The Breath Series 28-Day Challenge

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You’ll focus on your breathing like never before, and you can expect tremendous improvements in your physical fitness, your mental well-being, and your overall health as a result.

The Breath Series 28-Day Challenge features daily workouts for 28 days, including 7 unique breath-focused workouts recorded specifically for this program, and averaging 35 minutes in length. Each workout is appropriate for most fitness levels, including beginners and advanced users, and workout intensities are low-medium. This program is great for all fitness interests, whether you are a weight lifter, a runner, a walker, or a yogi.

This program is accompanied by a daily accountability email, to remind you of the day’s workout and give you an inspiring piece of motivation or information to help you stay focused and excited for the full 28 days. Click here to sign up for daily emails!

By participating in the Breath Series 28-Day Challenge, you can expect:

  • Greatly improved control over your breathing, both in physical fitness and in daily life
  • Increased strength, flexibility, and balance
  • Better focus throughout the day; calmer yet more energized
  • Decreased muscle tension, decreased mental stress
  • Improved ability to deal with stress, better sleep
  • And much more…

Why is breathing so important?

Breathing is one aspect of yoga that makes it so unique from other types of fitness. Few disciplines place as much emphasis on breathing as does yoga, and that emphasis comes with tremendous health benefits which go beyond physical fitness.

When you are more aware of your breathing and your default breathing pattern is slow, controlled breathing in and out of your nose, your life transforms. Your body is more efficient and you place less stress on your physical body.

You are also better able to manage stress mentally. You are more aware of your body’s ability to respond to stress, so when your shoulders and neck get tight, your breathing gets shallow, and you get tunnel vision on whatever’s bothering you, your awareness of your breathing allows you to recognize what’s happening and take control of the situation in a more calm manner.

The Breath Series workouts focus on helping you develop your breathing above all else, so even though you’ll build your flexibility, increase strength, improve balance, and improve your overall fitness, the overall goal of the workout should always be to maintain slow, controlled, focused breathing, in and out of the nose.

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