4 Birthday Presents I Bought Myself (And YOU might want to, too)

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4 Birthday Presents I Bought Myself (And YOU might want to, too)

It’s my birthday today, and instead of taking the day off (who am I kidding – I would never do that!) I’m going to share with you a short list of 4 fitness tools I think you’ll find extremely useful.

These tools are my ideal birthday presents, and even though I’ve already purchased these for myself (most of them many times over), I thought you might be interested in checking them out for yourself. These 4 items are tools I use on an almost daily basis, and what I recommend to my friends and even family.

These tools all fit into the goal of making it easier, more enjoyable, more effective, and personally fulfilling for me to continually strive for higher levels of physical fitness and productivity (getting s*** done).

1. The Hyperice Hypersphere

This thing is so f***** cool. The Hypersphere is a vibrating massage ball about the size of a softball that helps you finish your mobility sessions in a fraction of the time. I used this a couple of nights ago after doing weighted back squats for the first time in months, and I actually stumbled when I took my first step after getting up because it so drastically loosened up the tight muscles in my hips and thighs. It’s pricey, and I have no coupon for you (yet), but if you’re looking for something to decrease recovery time and get you back onto the field, court, yoga mat, or trail sooner, this is an awesome option. Click Here to Check it out!

2. Qualia

QualiaThis is the one I’m most excited about. I discovered this at the Paleo conference a few months ago, and I am extremely impressed. Specific benefits aside, the real reason why I take it is because I just feel better about myself when I’m using it. I get more done, check more stuff off my to-do list, and am able to better fulfill my mission. Qualia helps me help more people, more effectively. It gives me a fantastic feeling of energy throughout the day AND improves my mental cognition – without feeling jittery. There’s also no side effects – no crashes, no withdrawal, and no missing out on sleep. Qualia is currently causing shockwaves in the health and wellness community. It’s been endorsed by Ben Greenfield, Jason Silva, and Mark Divine. This supplement is pricey, but it’s one I have no hesitations about recommending to friends or family. Click here and use the code “manflowyoga” to save $15 off your purchase.

3. Salmon Oil

Salmon Oil – Fish oils do wonders for your joints, hair, skin, and nails. I have been taking 6 of these per day for the last month and have honestly never felt better in my shoulders. Fish oils are one of the most commonly taken supplements because of their effectiveness and limited side effects. They are favorite amongst athletes and active people. BUT – not all fish oils are made alike. That’s why I recommend this one, because it comes from a company deeply committed to getting you the highest quality stuff possible. Click here to get some extremely high-quality salmon oil.

4. Collagen Peptide Proteins

Collagen Peptide Protein I mix this into smoothies in the morning, and I like it as a nice extra boost of high quality protein. Collagen protein supports the collagen of your body; the glue that holds everything together. It supports healthier soft tissue like muscle, tendons, and ligaments, which means your joints feel awesome. It also helps you grow muscle and recover more quickly. I’m also a huge fan of the company that makes this particular brand, Natural Force. They started a few years ago when they got sick and tired of the crap that most supplement companies were putting in their products, and they go above and beyond to get you high quality products. Click here and use the code “manflow20” for 20% savings.

Full disclosure – I am not paid to write emails about or include these supplements in my blog, but I am an affiliate and receive a very small percentage of sales made. That being said, as I mentioned at the beginning, I spend my own money on these products (and often at full price), and am happy to do so because they are just that useful.

Hope you enjoyed this info!

PS – Brand-new workout program – POSTURE FIX: Strength, Mobility, & Confidence – just launched in the Members’ Area! I’ll let you know more about that shortly. 🙂

PPS – We just hit 90k likes on Facebook. WHOA!

PPPS – This Shoulder Flexibility video of mine from 2013 is currently going viral.

And Yes, I don’t eat healthy all the time. I make sure to have doughnuts for my birthday – even though I did go for a swim this morning before I ate them 🙂

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