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The Yoga Strength X-Factor Workshop -Chicago July 15, 2018

Chicago Workshop: The Yoga Strength X Factor

The Yoga Strength X-Factor Workshop -Chicago July 15, 2018

The Yoga Strength X-Factor

Learn how yoga can uniquely build more strength, improve your performance, and prevent injury to fill the gaps of typical training programs.


This is a 90-minute workshop that teaches teach you how to capitalize on the uniqueness of yoga to get stronger and fill the gaps of typical training programs. Improve your mile time. Correct muscular imbalances. Lift more. Recover faster. And feel incredible!

Most yoga does a good job of covering passive range of motion, balance work, core strengthening, breathing, and restorative stretching. These are good, but there are 3 crucial areas missing from this list, which you’ll learn at this workshop.

They include:

  • Improving Muscle Activation
  • Building Strength in Extended Range of Motion
  • Increasing Isometric Strength

This workshop has 2 parts. First, you’ll learn how to improve on each of these aspects in the most common yoga postures. Once we’ve finished this, we’ll go through a full-body yoga flow practicing these postures once more, integrating what you’ve learned in part 1 to reinforce this method of effectively practicing yoga for maximum strength.

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15 thoughts on “Chicago Workshop: The Yoga Strength X Factor”

  1. Dominik Galilaea

    Hey Dean,

    I am planning to attend your Yoga Class in Chicago.
    Wanted to visit Chicago anyway so its a good opportunity to combine it, and its not that far from Toronto.

    See you there.

    1. Awesome, Dominik! That means a lot to me that you’ll make that journey to attend the class. Looking forward to meeting you there.

  2. Dean-

    Looking forward to meeting you in Chicago on July 15. I work with David Gimbel (I’m the bachelor he was with when he was in Austin!). This looks like an excellent class, thanks for doing this!

    1. Hey Erick – that’s awesome, I’m really looking forward to meeting you! David is a fantastic guy – he attended one of my first yoga retreats here in Austin back in 2014. Make sure to introduce yourself before the class, please. Have a good summer!

  3. This is just down the street from me, so I’m bummed I’ll be out of town that weekend. Next time… have a great visit to Chicago though!

  4. John Kralovenec

    I love all of your DVD’s. I can’t use my computer to get into your on line classes because of poor service. This is why I need your DVD programs. Looking forward to the next installment. Keep them coming!

    1. John – we also offer downloadable workouts. They may not download quickly if you have slow internet, but at least you will have some more variety! You can do that here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/manflowyoga

      Unfortunately, DVDs are pretty expensive and time consuming. We can only make so many! On the other hand, we can create a new streaming workout easily in a day. We upload new ones every week.

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