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Unleash Your Butt Power: Glute Activation and Strength

Unleash Your Butt Power: Glute Activation & Strength

Unleash Your Butt Power  Glute Activation & Strength

This workout is a focused all about strengthening your butt; more specifically, your glutes. This helps to improve explosive power in your hips, reduce strain on your hip flexors and lower-back, improves squats, and much more. It’s ideal for people who sit often, those who have weak glutes or tend not to get sore in their glutes the day after a workout, and for anyone with knee issues. Build muscle, improve muscle activation, and increase strength in your glutes. Strengthen your knees, correct muscular imbalances, and lift more with your lower-body. There’s not much that stronger glutes won’t do! Most exercises require nothing but your body, but some are more effective when you use a Theraband. If you don’t have one yet, you can get a set on Amazon at the link below. (I recommend the lighter resistance at first, and heavier later on.)

Theraband – amzn.to/2kwuMVn

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For Members – Unleash Your Butt Power: Glute Activation & Strength

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