Full Workout Preview – Strength Foundations Course Workout #2

Strength Foundations Course Workout #2 (View full workout!)

Here’s workout #2 – Breath & Movement with Balance Essentials – A full-body, 38 minute workout to build core and hip strength while improving overall strength for balance. Surprisingly effective! – FREE below (with the password)!

This is the second workout from the Strength Foundations Course, a brand-new program I created to improve overall strength, prevent injury, and take your fitness to the next level.

It’s just one of 25+ comprehensive yoga workout programs you’ll get access to when you join Man Flow Yoga.

Check out the other 2 workouts:

Workout #1 Breathing and Muscle Activation Basics (Strength Foundations Lesson 1)Breathing & Muscle Activation Basics (30 minutes)
Workout #3 Yoga Flow for Strength & Muscle BurnYoga Flow for Strength & Muscle Burn (40 minutes)

What are people saying about the workouts?

Here are some recent comments on workouts in the Members’ Area.

I’ve had a few yoga sessions in the past and have done some of the same exercises learned from a physical therapist but this really seems to work! Less than a week in and I definitely feel the difference in my back.
Frank Fontana

Been using this recovery workout several times a week for the past 3 weeks and it’s my favorite one so far. Great for opening up the shoulders & chest and relieving tension all over the upper body.

You made me work like a horse, yas! This is absolutely a workout flow that I’m looking for in the concept of MFY: endurance, muscles stretching and building, deep poses as counterstretch for yesterday’s gym workout. It’s well explained, well built up and winded down and includes a good vinyasa (all poses with each breath without touching mat; burn baby burn)
Steven Verachtert

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