Members Area Opens Soon Special Sneak Preview! Breathing and Muscle Activation Basics

Breathing & Muscle Activation Basics (30-Minute Full Length Workout)

Here’s workout #1 – Breathing & Muscle Activation Basics – a full 30-minute workout teaching how to integrate full body core strength into breathing and movement – FREE with the password!

This workout is part of the Strength Foundations Course, a program I’ve developed to dramatically improve muscular performance, decrease your risk of injury, and correct muscular imbalances. Get immediate access when you join the Members’ Area.

Check out the other 2 workouts:

Workout #3 Yoga Flow for Strength & Muscle BurnYoga Flow for Strength & Muscle Burn (40 minutes)

Curious about results you can expect?

Here’s what people are saying about the Strength Foundations Course:

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3 thoughts on “Breathing & Muscle Activation Basics (30-Minute Full Length Workout)”

  1. Hey Dean, quick question: does full membership get me access to “Bulletproof your Back” and the “Strength Foundations” programs?


    1. Barry – yes! It includes access to ALL workout programs, except for Body by Yoga Programs like Guyoga, Yoga Body, and Yoga Edge.

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