Get Stronger in New Ways with Yoga

Get Stronger in New Ways with Yoga

Get Stronger in New Ways with Yoga

Featuring Chris Isom, Former Professional Basketball Player.

Get stronger in new ways, learn about your body, and get rid of nagging weaknesses that hold you back with yoga. In this video I speak with Chris Isom, former professional basketball player and creator of IsomFitness, to talk about how Chris uses yoga to get stronger and stay in amazing physical shape. In this video, we talk about:

  • The poses Chris did to stay in peak shape as a professional athlete
  • What he learned about his performance as an athlete thanks to yoga
  • My ridiculous analogy of a sand castle and muscle recovery
  • A 20-minute walkthrough of Chris’ favorite poses and an explanation of why they’re so good
    And more!

Ready to start?

Join the ranks of collegiate and professional athletes doing yoga to get stronger in new ways, become better athletes, and gain an edge on the competition. Enhance Your Training. Get Yoga Edge.Enhance Your Training - Get Yoga Edge

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