Injury Prevention & Rehab - Pain-Free Yoga for Injury Prevention, Sports Injuries, & Rehabilitation - Inspired by Physical Therapy

Injury Prevention & Rehab

Pain-Free Yoga for Injury Prevention, Sports Injuries, & Rehabilitation – Inspired by Physical Therapy

Is Yoga for Injury Prevention and Rehab right for you?

Are you concerned about injury caused by exercise?
Do you have recurring shoulder, back, or knee problems that just don’t seem to go away?
Are you recovering from a surgery or an injury, and want to make sure you choose an exercise that is safe and effective for you?

Yoga inspired by sports rehab and injury rehab is different from most yoga classes taught in a studio, and very different from the depiction of yoga you might see in advertisements, movies, or on social media.

Yoga can be very effective low impact exercise for helping to prevent injury and recover from it- but only if you do it in a certain way. In fact, general yoga classes can make the issue even worse and further derail your recovery efforts.

Are you ready to take the guesswork out of injury prevention and rehab?

Yoga For Injury Prevention & Rehab - Pain-Free Exercise & Recovery for Surgery, Sports Injuries, etc

Man Flow Yoga maps out specific programs for you with all of the movements you need for healthy, pain-free, functional living – nothing more, nothing less.

This page covers:

  • The main types of people who would benefit from using yoga for injury prevention and rehab.
  • A description of how pain and injury complicates fitness and makes workout programs difficult to follow.
  • Common weaknesses and challenges your pain and/or injury has contributed to.
  • Benefits of incorporating yoga inspired by sports rehab into your routine.
  • A summary of the scheduled programs recommended for YOU (start with 10-20 minutes per day for 3-6x per week and build from there).
  • Results you can expect in 1 and 3 months of following Man Flow Yoga’s programs.
  • Real success stories from people who eliminated their chronic pain, finally overcame old injuries, and prevented future injury using Man Flow Yoga.

You may identify with the following


  • Back problems, knee problems, shoulder issues, or other recurring issues.
  • Chronic pain or recurring injuries, and are looking to yoga as a solution to these issues.
  • History of knee, back or ankle injuries and/or surgery.
  • Repeated attempts to incorporate pain-free, physical fitness training into your life.
  • Have been frustrated with fitness in the past, not sure how to proceed.
  • Mixed levels of motivation.
  • Desire to learn how to prevent sports injuries, workplace injuries and the like.

Common Challenges:

  • Pain is an issue.
  • Day to day movement is complicated.
  • Fear of injury; aversion to physical activity as a result.
  • Maybe you don’t like physical therapy or other workout programs.
  • Motivation could be an issue; or having a lack of plan to follow.
  • May have been unsuccessful with workout programs in the past.

If you relate to the above, you’re a great candidate for Man Flow Yoga.

Injury Prevention & Rehab - David C- Success Story

MFY has made the difference for me and it’s kept me on the trail to be able to run. After many years of injury, physical therapy got me back on the trail, but yoga is what keeps me there, giving me the extra strength, stability, and flexibility to maintain my running.

From David C

With Man Flow Yoga’s plan for you, you’ll focus on building strength, mobility, and balance to recover from and prevent injury. The approach we take to injury prevention and rehab translates into greater foundational strength and improved movement patterns. Through our programs, you’ll equip yourself with the injury prevention strategies you need for optimal day-to-day fitness.

Bottom Line: How can Man Flow Yoga help?

  • Re-establish foundational levels of strength and mobility to ensure pain-free day-to-day movement.
    • Your workouts focus on the most important aspects of functional, day-to-day fitness: strengthening your hips and core, improving hip and spinal mobility, and reinforcing the proper technique for posture on a day to day basis.
  • Address the root causes of back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain / discomfort by strengthening and improving mobility of tight, inactive muscles.
    • The low impact exercises involved are beginner-friendly and approachable by people of all fitness levels. They also don’t involve typical high stress or high impact movements common in other types of fitness, which means you won’t hurt yourself exercising.
  • Create the habit of moving more!
    • Moving is how the body heals itself; not by waiting to recover.
    • We provide a structured schedule of workouts to help you be consistent. You’ll start to feel better almost immediately, and you’ll continue to feel better as long as you stick with the workouts.
  • Establish a solid foundational level of functional fitness that prepares you for more intense or more difficult exercise (and even if you just want to be able to move day to day without worrying about injury, it’ll do this for you, too).
    • Start off with just 10-20 minutes per day, 3 days per week.
    • Hundreds of low impact exercise videos to choose from to keep you active and motivated for your next workout.


Injury-Prevention-And-Rehab-Reclined Spinal Twist

What can you expect to notice within 1 month MFY Programming?

  • Noticeable improvements in strength and flexibility
  • Improved knowledge of yoga postures (asanas), overall technique), and muscular engagement
  • Improved joint health & decreased pain/discomfort in your lower-back, shoulders, and knees

What can you expect to notice within 3 months of MFY Programming?

  • Greatly improved knowledge of yoga postures (asanas), proper alignment, technique, and what to be feeling in each posture
  • Greatly improved muscle activation & body awareness
  • Greatly improved strength, active mobility, flexibility, and endurance
  • Greatly decreased / eliminated pain and discomfort in your joints – particularly in lower-back and shoulders
  • Improved workout efficiency – get a better workout in less time.

Summary of Programming

Bulletproof Your Back

Program 1: Bulletproof Your Back

This is a program I developed with physical therapists to relieve back pain and address the root causes of it. It includes low impact, foundational exercises to prevent injury in your entire body, and help you recover from past injuries or surgeries.

  • Build strength and mobility in your hips, core, and back, to relieve back pain and start feeling better in just weeks – or as little as a few days.
  • Starting at 10 minutes per day, building up to 20-30 minutes per day. At least 3, but recommend 6x per week. 3-5 month program.

Program 2: The Strength Foundations Course

The Strength Foundations Course

This is a program that helps you address the common weaknesses that lead to injury in the first place. It is a total-body program to strengthen your back, knees, hips, shoulders, and even your ankles.

  • Build functional strength and mobility in your entire body, and learn the foundational yoga postures while you’re at it. These workouts are slightly more challenging than Bulletproof Your Back.
  • Complete 3-6 workouts per week, 3 phases, 2-4 months.

Workouts & Supplementary Content:

  • Basic non-yoga exercises to strengthen your shoulders
  • Lifestyle videos to help with improving diet, sleep, and motivation

Injury Prevention & Rehab - Firas A - Success Story

I couldn’t lift my left arm up without feeling extreme pain, much less do any push-ups, pull ups or any kind of weight lifting such as bench pressing. 3 months later, I’m actually stronger than I’ve ever been, and finally making great progress with my weight lifting.

From Firas A

Ready to get started?

All of these programs are part of the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area.

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Injury Prevention & Rehab - Pain-Free Yoga for Injury Prevention, Sports Injuries, & Rehabilitation - Inspired by Physical Therapy

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