How Man Flow Yoga Unlocks PRs In Running, Weight Lifting, and even Mental Health (Member Highlight: Cody Sliger)

Every single Man Flow Yoga Member leads busy lives. But perhaps no Member is as busy as 30-year-old Man Flow Yoga Member, Cody Sliger. He’s a full-time nurse practitioner, student (going for his doctorate), husband, and father. 

Which means, sometimes Cody finds it difficult to squeeze in a good workout — whether he’s doing a Man Flow Yoga routine, running, or lifting weights. But thanks to the ease of Man Flow Yoga routines, Cody misses fewer and fewer workouts than ever before. 

In fact, he uses Man Flow Yoga routines to make him better at his job… 

As you can imagine, the healthcare industry has been in shambles ever since the pandemic rocked our world. Cody frequently overhears nurses considering leaving nursing completely because of the immense mental strain the entire industry is under. 

Luckily for Cody (and anyone he recommends Man Flow Yoga too), doing daily Man Flow Yoga routines bolstered his physical and mental health — helping him conquer his work with ease. 

Here’s Cody’s story: 

Why Cody Decided To Try Man Flow Yoga 

Like many other Man Flow Yoga Members, Cody found himself trapped during the height of quarantine. Six months after graduating nurse practitioner school and starting his job as a nurse, he weighed 260 lbs—the most of his life. 

He knew he needed to lose weight to best serve his patients, and so he committed to working out. He started running, and uncovered a deep passion for running… but shortly after, the pandemic hit, and every gym across America shut down. 

Cody didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Then, his wife reminded him of a Man Flow Yoga article he read years ago, and encouraged him to try it. 

Cody was searching for a way to improve his flexibility, so he could run further and faster. But he also needed a way to keep his mind busy because he started feeling cabin fever during the quarantine. But perhaps most important of all: He needed a way to prevent injury. 

He “yo-yo” dieted almost his entire life since leaving high school. And every time he “yo-yo” dieted, it had one common culprit: 

He injured himself working out. After injuring himself, he fell neck deep into a victim mindset and would binge whatever he could get his hands on to help him deal with the mental stress of being injured. 

Well, not this time. When the gyms shut down, Cody refused to slip in the victim mindset. That’s when he signed up for Man Flow Yoga — and went on to hit PRs in running, weight lifting, and even with his mental health. 

How Cody Hit PRs With The Help Of Man Flow Yoga

Cody wasn’t convinced about yoga in general before trying Man Flow Yoga. He had joined a few fitness classes over the years, including yoga-centric ones, but he always had trouble following the instructor’s directions. 

That was the first thing he noticed about joining Man Flow Yoga: 

Dean’s instructions were almost too easy to follow! 

As he started more Man Flow Yoga programs, he stumbled upon another important realization: 

Man Flow Yoga’s focus on strength and flexibility “primed” his body to handle strenuous workouts without running the risk of injury. 

In fact, when Cody first joined Man Flow Yoga, he always ran before cooling down with a Man Flow Yoga routine. But in the Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook Group, Dean asked him why he doesn’t try warming up with Man Flow Yoga before running instead of the other way around. 

The result? 

Cody used Man Flow Yoga to warm up before his next run—and he smashed his old PR. He had no soreness in his hips, back, or hamstrings when he ran. And he even almost showed up to work late that day because his body felt so good, he couldn’t stop running!

Fast forward a few months, and Cody wanted to get back into weight lifting. And when he laid down to bench press for the first time in months, he noticed Dean’s teachings—like keep your core tight—kept repeating in his head. He also heard Dean tell him to focus on his breathing. Not only did Cody hit PRs in the gym too, but he also recovered much quicker from workouts. He hasn’t injured himself since joining Man Flow Yoga either. 

Now, Cody leads a busy life. And there are times when he can’t squeeze in even a quick Man Flow Yoga workout—like after the birth of his second son. But he told us he notices when he misses a Man Flow Yoga instantly. His body becomes sore. His back and hamstrings tighten up. And he has to work much harder to recover. 

But you know what… 

Physical PRs aren’t the only PRs Cody’s hit since joining Man Flow Yoga. 

How Cody Enhanced His Mental Health With Man Flow Yoga 

Cody told our team that his mental state went through a significant shift since joining Man Flow Yoga too. He’s struggled with anxiety and depression, unofficially, for about a decade. He’s been officially diagnosed with anxiety and depression for almost three years. 

He takes medications to calm his anxiety and depression. But he also noticed that Man Flow Yoga further helped his mental health. He noticed his day goes smoother when he starts it with a Man Flow Yoga routine first thing in the morning. He feels more focused. More aligned. It’s like a complement to his medication. And he reports as being happier today—even juggling his career, school, and growing family—than he’s been in a decade! 

Man Flow Yoga, especially the community aspect, is also a support system for keeping his mental health in check and where it needs to be:

“You know, full time nurse practitioner, full time student, full time husband, full time father. I’m not saying it’s not hard. It is. It’s incredibly difficult. I’ve got a supportive family, a great support system at work that helps me. But Man Flow Yoga is also a big part of that support system as far as keeping my mind in check where it needs to be.” 

He’s in several fitness and father fitness communities, but the Man Flow Yoga community is the most helpful and active. 

I’ll leave you with a few words from Cody in his own words:

How Man Flow Yoga Unlocks PRs In Fitness AND Mental Health (Member Highlight: Cody Sliger)

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