Members’ Area 3.0 Launch & Sale!!!

Dear Members & Man Flow Yoga Community,

I am excited to announce the release of the new and improved Members’ Area. This is the second major revision to the Members’ Area, which means that this is…

The Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area 3.0.

What all have we done to improve?

The Members’ Area has always had tons of content – hundreds of workouts (as of September 2019, over 320),  programs & challenges (over 40), and many hundreds more tutorials, pose guide videos, and wellness videos.

What the Members’ Area lacked, however, was organization and simplicity. And that’s what how we’ve improved for Version 3.0.

The Members’ Area is now much simpler to use.

Navigation is improved. The getting started process for new Members is simple and straightforward; integrating the practices of our most successful Members with the most important advice from Dean and Man Flow Yoga.

For years, we’ve collected user feedback through emails, social media posts, and, most importantly, through our 1-on-1 phone calls with Members, called “Member Talks”.

Don’t get me wrong – most of what we heard was overwhelmingly positive.

People loved the variety of workouts, programs, and supplementary content. And people could not get enough of the detailed, easy-to-follow yoga routines that focused 100% on the fitness.

Many said it was like “having a personal trainer in your living room”, able to help you understand what you should feel, what NOT to feel, and the target areas & benefits you were getting from each pose.

And of course, people loved that Man Flow Yoga was technique-focused, results-oriented, and incorporated none of the spiritual stuff they experienced in other yoga classes.

(Quick Note: We recently partnered with TrustPilot to begin collecting reviews from our customers. Just 2 weeks in, we’ve collected over 250 reviews, and we have an average review of 4.8/5 stars, making us the #1 top-ranked yoga company – in any category – on TrustPilot. Click here to see for yourself!!)

We received some negative feedback as well. But, just like any workout that challenges you, we looked it as an area of opportunities; ways that we could improve and get even better.

And this was the inspiration for these latest changes –

Want to know the #1 complaint we heard? It usually went something like this:

Dean and the Man Flow Yoga team have put together an incredible online yoga resource. There are tons of workouts and programs, they’re very good about uploading new content, and they’ve always been responsive to me when I reach out with questions.

That being said, the Members’ Area can be hard to use. The navigation can be confusing at times. There are just too many choices, and this makes it difficult to figure out which videos or programs I should be using.

To sum it up, people were telling us that the content was great, but that it could be difficult understanding how best to use it.

Well… we heard you.

We’ve spent the last 2 months obsessively improving the Members’ Area, and we’re ready to show you what we’ve done!

This latest update is all about making it easy to use the Members’ Area.

We’ve already got the content, but now we’ve greatly simplified the process of how you use it all.

What do these updates mean for you?

  • Easier to get started. An EXACT, step-by-step for getting started with a program relevant to your goals, and getting the MOST out of the Members’ Area.
  • Improved navigation. We’ve got a TON of content, but that shouldn’t mean that it’s harder to find. We’ve simplified and made it easy to find everything you need.
  • More customization. Customize your homepage with your favorite content, and make it easier to get straight to the workouts & programs you’re using.

How did we do that?

  • New & Improved Launch Guide: Use this for everything you need to get started with Man Flow Yoga, using a combination of recommendations from the MFY Team AND our most successful Members in the MFY Community.
  • Improved My Saved Items: We wanted to make it easier to access your saved items. Now, your saved workouts, programs, and wellness videos show up at the top of your Members’ Area homepage – and we fixed some existing bugs as well.
  • Updated Menus & Navigation Bar: We’ve edited the menu to make it more intuitive to find what you’re looking for, to avoid getting distracted by the sections you won’t use as often, and make sure you’re doing what you need to do for results!!
  • Members’ Area FAQ: How can I use the Members’ Area while injured? What equipment do I need? How do I find ____? What’s the best program for ____? We’ve addressed these questions and many more in the brand-new Members’ Area FAQ section.
  • Download Access Guide: How do I get download access to workouts? Not very “tech-y?” We’ve made it easy for anyone to understand how to use download access to the workouts and programs in the Members’ Area, so you can take your workouts on the go – even when you don’t have internet.


NEW Annual Sign-Up Bonus:

  • Program Download Access ($50 Value!): In addition to saving up to $15 per month, when you join the Members’ Area with an annual membership (or if you “Skip The Trial), you’ll also receive download access to a beginner’s program of your choice!! (This was always available as an add-on, but we wanted to reward our Members who commit to Man Flow Yoga for the year, and what better way than making it easier to use your workouts?)

And… to launch the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area 3.0, we’re also hosting a 5-day sale!!

The sale starts on Saturday, September 28, and concludes on Wednesday, October 2nd at MIDNIGHT.

To join and save, simply visit manflowyoga.com/join and sign up during the sale period! There’s no promo code required, and you’ll save 20% on ANY membership plan!

Click here to join and SAVE today!!

(If promo code is not automatically applied, use the code “MA3” – case-specific, all caps! – to apply 20% savings.)

Don’t forget! If you sign up for the year or Skip The Trial, you’ll also receive download access to a beginner’s program of your choice – a $50 value!!

Thank you for being part of Man Flow Yoga!! I hope you enjoy these new changes. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected].

See you on the workouts!


4 thoughts on “Members’ Area 3.0 Launch & Sale!!!”

    1. Gordon – sorry for thea confusion. The Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area was updated to version 3, and all existing Members have access to the new and improved Members’ Area. This sale is for prospective members who have not yet signed up.

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