Flow Session 6

Testing PohlmanLong (25 min+)

A great flow session. Poses include Utkatasana (chair pose), plank with dolphin hands, Virabhadrasana (warrior 2), Reverse Warrior, Trikonasana (triangle pose), half moon, Bakasana (crow pose), and more!

Flow Session 4

Testing PohlmanLong (25 min+)

Prepare to flow. This is a full 60-minute session complete with a savasana and inversions! Enjoy.

Flow Session 3

Testing PohlmanLong (25 min+)

A very intensive yoga session. This class features hip-openers, hamstring and quad strengtheners, back openers, Warrior poses, and a lot of great exercises for your lower back!

Flow Session 2

Testing PohlmanLong (25 min+)

Lots of new postures today, including Bakasana (crow pose), Trikonasana (triangle pose), and more! This session is for yogis of all levels, but endurance-wise is about an intermediate level of difficulty. Enjoy!

Yoga and Toning / Weight Loss for Men

Testing PohlmanBlogs

Toning / Weight loss Yoga 3-5x / week Optional: Body weight resistance / Crossfit 3x weekly Optional: Cardio 5 -6x week This may be the easiest article I have ever written. Unlike other forms of cardio, yoga exercises your whole body and does so without the stress that other forms of cardio cause to your joints. Yoga … Read More