Yoga for When You’re Sick (Best Stretches and Easy Yoga Session)

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Yoga For When You're Sick

Yoga for When You're Sick (Best Stretches and Easy Yoga Session)

Being sick sucks, but it doesn’t mean you have to avoid exercise altogether. Try out these stretches to help preserve mobility, recover more quickly, and sleep better. Even if you aren’t sick, these postures are great for winding down from the day, as well!

Here are my 8 go-to poses for when I’m feeling under the weather.

Remember, if you’re feeling light-headed or nauseous, stop what you’re doing! These poses are easier than many poses found in yoga, but it all depends on your fitness level and what you’re used to doing. The goal is to help you feel better, not make you more sick.

Alright… now let’s do those stretches!

Child's Pose
1. Child’s pose

This pose is an easy, relaxing pose that releases pressure in your spine. Let your arms relax, lightly press your back toward your belly button, and breathe deep.

2. Cat/Cow

Catcow is a gentle stretch to mobilize your spine. You probably won’t be doing any backbends while you’re sick, but catcow is awesome for preserving spinal mobility and keeping your back feeling at least okay while you recover from your illness.

Standing Side Stretch
3. Standing Side Stretch

This is the most intense pose on this list, but I recommend you try it. This stretch can help to relieve tension in your shoulders and neck, and activates your core muscles, which can help speed up your recovery, your metabolism, and get you back on the road to healthy.

4. Lizard

You’re probably sitting a lot when you’re sick, and your hip flexors are going to be tight as a result. Do this deep hip stretch to relieve hip tightness that causes lower-back pain.

Reclined Twist
4. Reclined Twist

Great for opening up your lower-back. Again, you’re probably not going to be doing too much movement other than sitting or laying down, so this essential but extremely effective stretch will keep your back happy.

Supported Bridge
5. Supported Bridge

We don’t want to do too many backbends, but I put this in here to help you stretch your hips & chest, activate the muscles in your core and back, and help you breathe more deeply. Perfect for countering a seated position.

Happy Baby
6. Happy Baby

Another gentle stretch to help your spine. Stretch your groin and relieve pressure caused by tightness in the muscles that connect to your back.

Reclined Figure 4
7. Reclined Figure 4

Very simple, relaxing, but effective pose for keeping your hips stretched and your back happy. This one targets your outer hips, which, when tight, can cause major discomfort in your lower-back. Say goodbye to back discomfort with reclined figure 4.

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