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Man Flow Yoga Squat Challenge

Announcing… The Man Flow Yoga Squat Challenge!

Every day from Monday, January 8 through Friday, February 2, join me for a new squat variation so you can:

  • Improve your hip strength and mobility
  • Build core strength and strengthen your back
  • Improve ankle mobility
  • Learn squat variations for more diverse routines.
  • Increase functional fitness for daily activity
  • And HAVE FUN!!!

How to join:

  1. New squat challenge released every day at 7 AM CDT on the following channels:
  2. Want to show your stuff? Post on the Man Flow Yoga wall on Facebook or post it on Instagram. Use the hashtag #mfsquatchallenge , #manflowyoga , or #yogaforbamfs when you post.

Squats are an exercise EVERYONE should be doing – this is a beginner-friendly challenge that’s equally important to intermediate and advanced levels. No barriers – just join in!

This challenge requires ZERO equipment just 2 minutes of your day. Do it anywhere, whenever you can – on the phone, when you wake up, during your lunch break, or after work!

Important Notes:
Make sure you have notifications turned on for whatever channel you’ll be using to follow the challenge, so you don’t miss anything! There will NOT be a daily email for the squat challenge.
How to turn on notifications for:

New to yoga or fitness? Doesn’t matter. I’ll teach you every step of each exercise so you can be confident you’re doing it correctly.
If you miss a day, don’t worry! Make it up the next day, or just skip it and jump back in – no need to feel guilty.

See you on the Squat Challenge!!!

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