The Easiest Way to Counter Sitting

The Easiest Way to Counter Sitting

Do you remember how you used to move when you were a kid lying down for story time? You were probably in a position similar to what you see below. And you did it without thinking. But can you tell me the last time you actually did that?

Lie down more

Even though I teach people how to use yoga to improve their fitness for a living, much of what I do isn’t active. In fact, I bet that I spend just as much time as you do at a computer. There are certain things that I do to help counter the negative effects of sitting, and this is one of my favorites – and it involves zero effort.

Instead of sitting in a chair, lie down on your stomach. Put your laptop in front of you, focus on keeping yourself upright, and work in a prone position for as long as you comfortably can. Put a KnotOut or a lacrosse ball on your hip flexor while you’re in the prone position to help open your hip flexors (the muscles that get tight when you sit) to help improve hip mobility and reduce tightness or stiffness in your spine.

You don’t need to avoid sitting altogether – you just need to counter it with the right positions! This is something I do on an almost daily basis, and it makes my back feel 100% better when I do so.

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Looking for more ways to counter sitting? Check out these quick workouts:

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The Easiest Way to Counter Sitting

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  1. Dean, super super helpful. Will definitely be using this tip when working at home on the weekends. Really appreciate all of the content.

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