Longevity-Focused Fitness: Low-Impact, Joint-Friendly Exercise to Build Strength & Flexibility, Prevent Injury, & Improve Overall Wellness

Longevity-Focused Fitness

Low-Impact, Joint-Friendly Exercise to Build Strength & Flexibility, Prevent Injury, & Improve Overall Wellness

This is for those people interested in an effective fitness program that promotes long-term health; to ensure functional, pain-free day to day movement, and allows you to build muscle, increase strength, and improve your mobility with a manageable, sustainable exercise program that leaves you energized and feeling fantastic, instead of burnt out and in pain.

This informative blog includes:

  1. Common issues with typical exercise programs (i.e. not focused on longevity)
  2. Challenges of finding an effective, longevity-focused program
  3. What you should look for in a longevity-focused, smart training program
  4. How can Man Flow Yoga help?
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Common issues with typical exercise programs

  • Burn out & excessive soreness – Feeling burnt out or excessively sore on a regular basis while following a typical fitness program.
  • Injuries – Getting injured regularly, skipping workouts, and not being able to stick to your workout schedule.
  • Not longevity-focused – Interest in longevity and overall healthy instead of short-term gains at the expense of long-term health.
  • Inaccurate Perceptions – The mindset that fitness has to be high-impact and high-calorie burning in order to be effective (hint: it doesn’t.)

Longevity Focused Fitness - other types of exercise that are more effective

Challenges of Finding An Effective, Smart Fitness Program

Many of the popular fitness programs we see in pop culture are high-impact workouts designed to make you sweat and feel good about yourself, but there are other types of exercise that are more effective, better for you, and help you feel better on a day to day basis.

  • A large portion of the fitness activities that we associate with overall wellness are not actually that great for you – especially if you’re no longer in your 20s, and your overall goal is wellness (and not trying to burn as many calories as possible). Running, boot camp workouts, HIIT workouts, and other high-impact exercises are great if you are interested in improving your athletic abilities, but you don’t need high-impact exercises to build muscle, improve your body composition, or promote overall wellness.
  • As soon as we leave our 20s, we experience pain and discomfort in areas that never used to give us trouble. We were able to get away with more when we were younger, but now we need to spend more time on our fitness if we want to maintain our physical capabilities, stay healthy, maintain a healthy weight, and live without pain or discomfort.
  • Time and resources are limited. Many workout classes are 60 minutes in length, and require driving to and from the gym or studio. This comes out to a 1.5 hour time commitment, and people who have busy jobs and a family to take care of simply don’t have the time to do this 3 to 5 times per week.

Longevity Focused Fitness - As soon as we leave our 20s, we experience pain and discomfort in areas that never used to give us trouble

What should you look for in a longevity-focused exercise program

  • The exercise program you select should help you to improve your long-term overall health and wellness without causing pain or injury in the short-term. Low-impact exercise that challenges your muscles to grow stronger while also strengthening your joints and helping with weight management is the smart choice, and an effective yoga program can do just that.
  • However, most typical yoga programs are not effective at building muscle on their own, so be sure to integrate basic resistance training into your weekly workout routine. The right type of yoga will actually make you better at strength training and other types of fitness, too!
  • Yoga is unique in that it also helps to address many aspects of fitness that aren’t covered by typical exercise, including stress relief, breathing, relieving anxiety, and helping to improve mindfulness. Provided that the yoga workout is effective and the scheduled workouts are structured as a comprehensive program, you can expect noticeable results with just three 30-minute workouts per week.

Longevity Focused Fitness - How Man Flow Yoga Helps

How Man Flow Yoga helps

Our yoga programs are built for fitness. You can expect to build muscle, increase your flexibility, improve your body composition (lose weight and burn fat), and improve mindfulness and well-being in just a few weeks by following a Man Flow Yoga program. (Most people notice a difference in how they feel within the first few workouts.)

  • The Strength Foundations CourseMy number one recommendation for improving fitness for the long-term is The Strength Foundations Course, a program I created to ensure that you are using your body the way it was designed to move, with an adequate level of flexibility, using the right muscles for the appropriate movement, and correcting improper movement patterns that can cause pain or injury. Workouts are 30-40 minutes per day, with a recommended 3 minimum workouts per week.
  • I also recommend Bulletproof Your Knees, The 21×30 Challenge, and The Clark Program, each of which are beginner-friendly programs in the Members’ Area that will help you make noticeable improvements in your fitness in just about 30 minutes per day.
  • Which “path” is right for you?We’ve developed specific “paths” which allow you to follow a schedule of programs and get results, based on your unique challenges and goals. People interested in longevity-focused fitness typically fall into one of the following paths: (1) At Home Yoga Program, (2) Low-Impact Fitness, or (3) Injury-Prevention & Rehabilitation.

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About the author, Dean Pohlman, Founder & CEO of Man Flow Yoga, Author of Yoga Fitness for Men, Expert on Yoga Fitness for Men.

Dean Pohlman is an E-RYT 200 certified yoga instructor and the founder of Man Flow Yoga. Dean is widely considered to be an authority on Yoga for Men. He has worked with physical therapists to create yoga programs for back health and spinal recovery. His workouts and programs have been used by professional and collegiate athletes, athletic trainers, and personal trainers; and have been recommended by physical therapists, doctors, chiropractors, and other medical professionals.

Dean is a successfully published author through DK Publishing (Yoga Fitness for Men), selling 35,000 copies worldwide in English, French, and German; in addition to being a co-producer of the Body by Yoga DVD Series, which has sold over 40,000 copies on Amazon since its release in 2016.

Man Flow Yoga has been featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Mens’ Health, The Chicago Sun, New York Magazine, and many more major news media outlets.

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2 thoughts on “Longevity-Focused Fitness”

  1. I have purchased your Guyoga and Yoga Body programs, as well as both of your books; have benefitted greatly from them and have recommended your courses to others. This particular blog struck a chord with me as I am currently 65 year old — a lifetime exerciser (long distance runner in my younger days, but more balanced between strength training/shorter distances these days), and have grown weary of the HIIT “more bang for your buck” hysteria fostered by today’s exercise community. I am trying to develop a rational program that will allow me to remain functional as I age, to begin running 5ks-10ks again (I quit running for awhile), and to maintain strength as well as flexibility. Recovery has become a problem, however, in trying to fit all of this in.

    I am somewhat hesitant to join your members area at the moment because, in all honesty, I feel as if I’m getting too much information — what I need right now is focus. However, I am interested in your strength foundations course. Is there something different about this course that I cannot find in your YogaBody course and two books that would help to achieve my goals? Do you have any further recommendations?

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Brett – thank you so much for commenting here and introducing yourself. I really appreciate it!

      Yes, the whole HITT thing is getting out of hand. People need to do more sustainable exercise, especially if they intend on being fit when they’re older.

      The Strength Foundations Course is nothing like the Yoga Body or the workouts in the book. It is an amazing program that I literally recommend to everybody. It’s going to help tremendously with helping you understand any weaknesses you may have, correct muscular balances, and increase strength and mobility at the same time.

      The Members’ Area just has access to everything – it doesn’t mean you have to do everything. In fact, it makes it easier to follow a structured program because it lays out exactly what you should do and in what order. The Strength Foundations Course is part of the Members’ Area, but you also get restorative workouts you can use for when you’re sore. You also get access to the MFY Community, which makes it much easier to stay motivated and engaged with the workouts.

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